Gira and sustainability
Report 2020

Greater focus on health Protecting the physical and mental health of employees and maintaining their employability is one of the most important sustainability goals that Gira has set itself. To keep the rate of absence due to illness as low as possible, the company has set up an active Health Management System. "We were aware that we had to pay even more attention to this subject. Nevertheless, effective health management is also of utmost importance to our company in light of demographic changes," comments Ricarda Soyck-Lockner, Head of Human Resource Management.





In 2014, 46% of all employees made use of free membership in the fitness centre [target 30%]

Monthly health checks and advice in the company [150 participants in 2015]

Welcome Back meetings for employees returning from sick leave

Anonymous psychological telephone hotline

Personal meetings and telephone hotline Gira has taken up this challenge and since 2007 has systematically introduced and implemented a number of measures. When the work situation in the manufacturing sector was analysed first, the company used the results to develop concrete measures. These include, for example, the introduction of informal Welcome Back meetings for employees returning from longer periods of sick leave. "We want to take this opportunity to inform employees of changes that may have occurred during their absence and to find out how they feel and whether they have overcome their health problems so that we can also contribute to their recovery in their working environment if required. If support is needed, we try to offer targeted help," explains Ricarda Soyck-Lockner. The company has also set up a psychological hotline: two consultations are offered for Gira employees every week. Conversations are held outside the workplace and are completely anonymous.

Health checks and fitness centre As a preventative measure, Gira cooperated with Sports UP XXL, a professional fitness centre in Schwelm: twice per month, employees at the sport and fitness centre offer general health checks and spinal screening, nutritional advice, and massages at Gira. In addition to these individual appointments, the trainers also offer advice to Gira employees in the workplace. The special thing about it is that staff can take advantage of it during working hours. "Our preventative programme has been very popular amongst colleagues for years," comments Soyck-Lockner happily. All employees also have membership cards for two nearby, well-equipped fitness centres, where they can work out for free after work or at weekends. The participation rate is considerably higher than the goal of 30 percent. "This is a result we are very pleased with," emphasises the Head of Human Resource Management. "We are constantly working on how to optimise what we offer our employees".


Ricarda Soyck-Lockner
[Head of Human Resource Management]

Gerrit Lotz [Head of
Safety and the Environment]

Mark Broszeit [Segment Supervisor,
Assembly Shop]

Michael Stüttem
[Shift Supervisor, Plastics Production]




"Our preventative programme
has been very popular
amongst colleagues for years."

Ricarda Soyck-Lockner
Head of Human Resource Management




Gira and sustainability
Report 2020