Gira and sustainability
Report 2020

Responsible collaboration Gira makes high demands of its suppliers and partners, as it is the only way to ensure that Gira products and solutions are attractive due to their high quality and that they meet the needs of customers. Gira also pays great attention to its collaboration with suppliers to ensure that its own demands regarding sustainability and responsibility are fully satisfied throughout the entire value chain. Gira has laid out the respective requirements in its own Code of Conduct for Suppliers [CoCfS].





Adapting the processes in Supplier Management

Training the divisions which are in contact with suppliers

Obligation of suppliers to comply with the Code of Conduct for Suppliers (in 2016, 80% of suppliers as target)

Reference to recognised standards The CoCfS is based on the one hand on the general conduct guidelines of the Gira Code of Conduct. On the other it is based on recognised standards by reflecting national and international regulations and laws as well as values and social conventions, such as the core working standard of the International Labour Organisation [ILO] and the principles of the UN Global Compact. The selection of suppliers and collaboration with them will in future be based on the scope to which they accept and comply with the requirements laid out in the CoCfS. This also means that our suppliers select and check their own suppliers in line with the same criteria.

Introduction and implementation Our collaboration with suppliers requires corresponding process adjustment or supplementation in Supplier Management with regard to the specifications of the CoCfS. This means, for example, that Gira questions its suppliers with regard to compliance with the CoCfS as a standard measure before agreeing on or continuing its collaboration, and then evaluates suppliers in a qualification audit. To ensure that the CoCfS is reliably established at Gira, since August 2015 training courses have been organised for the divisions which are in contact with suppliers. The CoCfS should be a binding element of purchasing conditions by the beginning of 2016. It is Gira's aim that at least 80 percent of all active suppliers pledge compliance with the specifications of the CoCfS in the coming year.


Martin Mader
[Head of Purchasing]

Julian Gerlach
[Trainee Development and

Claudia Frohwerk
[Member of the Purchasing
Metals and Assembly Team]

Oliver Meyer [Head of
Quality Planning]




Gira and sustainability
Report 2020