Gira and sustainability
Report 2020

Trainees lend a hand "One of the special features of an apprenticeship at Gira is that you have the chance to give something back to society and to work on a variety of different projects." Karina Wittmer, who has been a trainee at Gira since 2016, deliberately chose the company because it both supports and challenges its trainees. The intention is for trainees to learn at an early stage to show their initiative and to take responsibility for their own projects.

Projects outside the company A key role is played by projects where Gira fulfils its social responsibilities outside the boundaries of the company. For example, in 2016 our trainees took part in the reintroduction of the stock dove in the Bergisches Land region of Germany. The population of this native species has fallen sharply here in recent years, in part because of forest clearances. 






Informing trainees about Gira's sustainability policy as part of their training (for example on the welcome day)

Annual trainee workshops as part of the "Allianz pro Nachhaltigkeit" (Alliance for sustainability) with our partners Rockwool, Viessmann and Wilo

Involving the trainees in a range of different sustainability projects

Raising their social, environmental and organisational awareness and allowing them to take responsibility at an early stage

In order to improve the habitat of this endangered species of bird, a team of Gira trainees under the expert guidance of Jörg Krogull from Jagdgebiet Honsberg put up nest boxes in the local woodland.

The "Gira Christmas miracle" In addition, young Gira employees are providing practical help for vulnerable people in their local area. This includes the "Gira Christmas miracle" project which began in 2015. In autumn every year, our trainees encourage their colleagues to pack up Christmas parcels for underprivileged children in the region. The Gira trainees collected a total of 250 gift parcels filled with toys, clothes, paints and sweets in 2016. The parcels were given to children of low-income families and refugee children living in the area. "For us, the point of the project was to help other people and to brighten up their days. This was really what motivated us," explained Celine Kerzinger and Nina Thiel, who are business administration trainees.

Additional employee and trainee projects



Annabelle Rothe

Gira trainee


"As well as their technical abilities, trainees also need good social skills. These include teamwork, the ability to communicate effectively and a strong sense of empathy. This is important for us."

Annabelle Rothe, Head of Training




Gira and sustainability
Report 2020