Gira and sustainability
Report 2020

Effective resource conservation Recycling of sorted plastics has been an established process in plastic production for many years. A conventional method is to grind these plastics with mills and add them to new material that is supplied to the injection moulding machine. When the plastics are ground, chain degradation occurs. This has a negative effect on the plastic properties. The addition of re-granulated material is therefore only possible to a limited degree. With direct addition of the ground plastics, only roughly up to 15% of re-granulated material can be added to the new material.





Recycling of rejected plastic parts from production

Returning the reground plastics fractions to the production process

Recycling 40 tonnes of material per year

Quality a high priority Gira runs a high-quality recycling system with an extruder supplied by Wanner. The plastic rejects are high-quality raw materials in plastics production. They are carefully sorted according to their properties. The raw materials are then supplied to the extruder and melted carefully to protect the material. The melt is then passed through a cooling bath and can then be reprocessed to make new pellets. The properties of the re-granulated material made in this way are comparable to new material. It can be used to make high-quality products. The re-granulated material is certified in compliance with technical requirements. [New Materials in Plastics Production Project]. Under these conditions Gira can use 100% re-granulated material for new products. Examples for the use of re-granulated material are lacquered cover plates for SCHUKO socket outlets.

Consistent development The project started in 2012, and as the first step the parts made of re-granulated material were certified. After successful conclusion in 2013 it was possible to start production with an annual volume of approximately 30 tonnes, which increased in 2015 to 40 tonnes. This means that it was not necessary to buy the corresponding quantity of new material. The possible annual capacity of the Wanner recycling plant is 84 tonnes.


Andreas Schulte
[Head of the Plastics Centre]

Erwin Stiller [Project Manager

Bernhard Hoster [Head of
Technology Management
Plastics Production]

Oliver Berker [Head of
Industrialisation (Projects)]





Gira and sustainability
Report 2020