Gira and sustainability
Report 2020

Achieving more together – since 1997, this motto has fronted Gira Active Partners, the club for successful electricians. Today, the community has more than 1,200 members in Germany and 100 members in Austria.

Gira sees collaborative customer loyalty as a core component of sustainable company management. The company invests a great deal of effort into achieving this. "We organise regional forums for club members, as well as training courses and events that offer the opportunity for participants to experience things and learn. It is both beneficial and helpful for all parties to get to know each other better. The events encourage a sense of community, in addition to the exchange of experiences and knowledge transfer," says Jörg Hessler, Head of Marketing Service and Club Service Centre. Gira addresses suitable candidates for its club programme directly through its field service staff. In this regard, the company values partners that are committed to the education of young people and the continuing education of employees. The partner companies have a total of 16,000 employees, including 3,000 trainees who are also accessible. "We also organise seminars for trainees. Particularly the communication with young people is extremely valuable. We obtain fresh insight, since they tend to have a completely open, unobstructed view of things," says Hessler.

The events and training courses cover a wide range of subjects, and include driving safety, customer meetings and presentation, occupational safety, and much more. Gira also offers telephone and on-site support for electricians covering subjects beyond the core business, such as management, marketing, advertising, and staff training. "Our aim is utilising this support to make companies stronger and more successful. With the club, we have created a way for electricians to approach us," states Hessler. Gira also reaps considerable benefits from the club. Partners provide feedback and specific suggestions on how products and applications could be improved further. This helps Gira to increase the sustainability, product quality, functionality and energy efficiency of its range.

Furthermore, with its marketing service, Gira supports the entire specialist electrical trade. Whether with advertising templates, promotional materials or the rental of large areas, electricians can choose from a wide variety of services to boost their own businesses.


Intensive exchange with the electrical trade

Telephone and on-site consultation from specialists

Wide portfolio of marketing services for the entire specialist electrical trade



Gira and sustainability
Report 2020