Gira and sustainability
Report 2020

Gira pays special attention to the subject of training. "After all, the workforce of tomorrow is our future," states Guido Zimmermann, Head of Technical Training. He has been with the company for 40 years, after initially joining us to train as a toolmaker. Since 1989, Zimmermann has been in charge of vocational training at Gira. "This is a subject that lies very close to my heart," he emphasises.

Today, Gira has its own training workshop and a fantastically equipped training room for technical training. "We work continuously on the improvement of learning conditions, and through this, hope to create an even stronger bond to the company," explains Zimmermann as he elaborates on his future plans. "I would like to start a cooperative project with schools: this would enable pupils to come to Gira as part of their manual training in order to get to know the company first-hand."

Overall, Gira currently has 48 trainees in the technical and commercial area. "We offer commercial training places in excess of our own needs in order to offer young people a solid education. This is our responsibility," states Zimmermann. Intensive support and guidance during the course goes without saying at Gira. "We have monthly meetings with our trainees. They are included in the project work from the very beginning," reports Kerstin Höninger, Head of Commercial Training and consultant for personnel development.

Gira also organises work abroad for young people. For instance, some trainees have already spent some time in China, Turkey or the UK either during or directly after their apprenticeships. Support measures shall be introduced next year. In addition to this, young people who have difficulties in obtaining an apprenticeship and fitting into pre-defined structures, such as early school leavers, will be gradually introduced into the programme over a period of time. "We are aware that we need to invest quite a bit of time into such a programme. But Gira is open to everything," says Zimmermann. The aim of the company is to gain the required skilled workers from its own training courses – in other words, from its own ranks. "It's all about offering young people perspectives and always keeping the door open. Even if they decide they don't want to stay with us after the course, we want to show them that they are always welcome back at any point in the future."


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Gira and sustainability
Report 2020