Gira and sustainability
Report 2020


Here you can find the most important questions and answers on the topic of sustainability at Gira.
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How does Gira define sustainability?

As a company, we see sustainable action as a continuous process to which we dedicate constant efforts, with the aim of inspiring our fellow human beings. Our aim is to create and uphold a balance of economic, ecological and social responsibility. To achieve this, we are not only active on all company levels, but also throughout the region and sectors in which we work. We are guided by the national sustainability strategy of the German government, and want to make a personal contribution to the sustainable development of our society.

You can find out more about Gira's understanding of sustainability in our sustainability model.

Why is sustainability important for society?

Our society is standing on the cusp of a watershed. Scarcer resources, increasing energy demand and ever-advancing pollution, coupled with simultaneously increasing globalisation, call for a redefinition of our own behaviour and social co-existence. Sustainable action is therefore not an option but a necessity, in order to guarantee unspoiled nature, economic stability and a fair co-existence in the future. Both politics and companies play a ground-breaking role in this regard by setting a good example, they can send a clear message and motivate others. Of course, sustainable action is not only important on a political and corporate level, but is also a crucial part of everyday life for each and every one of us.

What can I do to increase sustainability in everyday life?

Living more sustainably is easier that may at first seem. Thanks to smart ideas, intelligent organisation and modern technology, we can now treat our environment and fellow humans well without having to renounce our own comfort. Living sustainably also literally pays off, since significant costs can often be saved. Everyone can put their own mark on it, too: whether fitting an energy-saving lamp in the living room, travelling with a car pool, riding your bike to work or buying fresh apples from a local farm, there are countless ways to make your own everyday existence more sustainable.

The Gira guide "11 ways to do good to yourself and the world" contains an array of suggestions on how to integrate sustainability into your leisure time and family and professional life with very little effort. Through regular employee campaigns, Gira also offers you the opportunity to make an active contribution to sustainability and incorporate it more in work processes.

Download the Gira guide "11 ways to do good to yourself and the world" here

To the Gira employee campaigns

How often do I have the chance to take part in the trainee project?

Every trainee has the chance to take part in a social or ecological project once per training year. The participant will be granted this day off. Nevertheless, classroom training days are excluded from this exemption.

How do I have the day off for the trainee project granted in the time recording system?

Once you have received confirmation of your registration, you need to create a travel application in Lotus Notes and send it to your supervisor. As soon as you have received authorisation, write the following in the Notes section: "Sustainability trainee project" without entering specific times. This will then be entered into the system by Human Resources. Through the travel application, you are insured for the specified day. It is also the responsibility of the trainee to promptly notify the department in which they are working of their day off.

I was unable to participate in the first two trainee projects. Will there be other projects?

Yes, there will be other ecological and social trainee projects in order to offer every trainee the chance to take part in one project per year. This means that you can register for the upcoming campaigns. You will receive information about the projects by e-mail. You can also find out more in the sustainability portal under the category Campaigns.

How is a car pool to Gira organised?

Every application made on the portal is checked for place of residence. If other applications have been made by employees who live nearby or take a similar route, the respective people will be notified. This gives them the chance to contact each other and discuss whether a car pool would work for them. If everyone agrees, we ask for confirmation to be sent along with details of passengers, to the e-mail address:
Participation in car pools is voluntary.

Why would a car pool benefit me?

You can save petrol costs. You can take turns driving. If it isn't worth taking turns driving from a geographic point of view, you can divide petrol costs accordingly. It is completely up to you how you wish to organise your car pool.

You help the environment by producing less exhaust emissions on your commute to work.

You obtain an allocated parking space in a prime location.



Gira and sustainability
Report 2020