Gira and sustainability
Report 2020

Sustainable action as a joint task We are all members of the Gira Sustainability Team. Sustainable conduct that is aimed at a balance between economical, ecological and social responsibility is the task of all employees on all company levels. It can only succeed if we all work together. Everyone has to get involved and embrace this topic as their own.


What does sustainability management mean?

Sustainability management is not the responsibility of an individual department, but the whole organisation. For this reason independent steering groups have become established in many companies that follow and drive forward the development of this topic.


The Gira Sustainability Committee It is in particularly important at the beginning of development and implementation of a sustainability strategy to have the right impetus and effective orientation. The Gira Sustainability Committee was formed expressly to this purpose. It is made up of representatives from various areas of the company. It therefore includes a cross-section of different perspectives and competencies. The Committee serves as a central control and communication hub, its members act as ambassadors and multipliers of the topic in the company until all employees have picked up on and internalised the topic and it has become a normal part of work processes and everyday activities. The Committee identifies the fields of action and works together with the specialist departments and Executive Management to define the respective goals. It communicates the planned content and measures to employees and looks at their feedback, ideas and suggestions. In this way we will progress more quickly in this common process.

"The Sustainability Committee acts as a central control and communication hub and disseminates the topic throughout the company.

Jan Böttcher, responsible for Sustainability Management

The concept and implementation of concrete measures are independently carried out in the departments in agreement with the Sustainability Committee. The organisation chart (see above) shows the structure and distribution of tasks in our company.



Gira and sustainability
Report 2020