Gira and sustainability
Report 2020

An increasingly changing world presents new challenges for the company and its workforce. A significant part of this is also the current demographic change. Reacting to such developments with targeted, sustainable measures is an inherent feature of Gira's corporate strategy. In relation to this, the reconciliation of work and family is becoming more and more important. Some of the biggest challenges of everyday life are bringing up children and caring for our relatives. Many employees dream of being able to remain active in the various stages of family life whilst still being successful at work. "Gira sees itself as a partner for its employees, and wants to play an active role in supporting them. This is often particularly necessary when children come along and employees try to juggle their professional development with the care and education of their children. We demonstrate our dedication by offering specific ways of helping," states Martina Kahl, representative for work and family at Gira.

A milestone in the further development of Gira's personnel policy is represented by the programmes and provisions that are now part of a voluntary company agreement on parental leave. With this, the company wants to provide a reliable framework for employees and managers. In principle, Gira offers various working time models in order to balance both the aims of the company and the reconciliation of work and family for each individual employee. Alongside classic full-time work, individual part-time models can be arranged. Flexitime schedules also give employees the chance to clock up more days of leave. In addition, Gira offers the option of alternate remote work to employees who take part in the trust-based working hours scheme, as well as non-pay-scale workers.

During consultations on maternity and parental leave, every employee is given an information pack with the main details and documents. Employees on parental leave can also take advantage of the same services offered to other colleagues, including fitness and health services like free use of the Sports Up XXL and INJOY fitness clubs. Other services, such as nutritional advice and massage, can also be used during parental leave.

Many employees express a desire to stay in touch with the company during parental leave. They want to keep up to date with that is happening at Gira. Our stay-in-touch programme ensures that contact is maintained. This keeps employees informed and facilitates their return to work. "Of course, we have always had similar contact persons and communication. Colleagues who are friends, for instance, kept in touch of their own accord. Through this programme, however, this contact becomes mandatory and therefore even more reliable," explains Martina Kahl. There is also the option for employees to prepare to return to work by participating in continuing education courses offered by the company. The latest addition to the company's personnel policy is represented by the Gira children's day-care centre, which is due to open its doors for the first time in October 2014.



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Gira and sustainability
Report 2020