Gira and sustainability
Report 2020

When publishing non-financial performance indicators, Gira uses the 20 criteria of the German Sustainability Index (DNK) as orientation.

Strategic analysis and evaluation
Depth of the value chain

This content is processed and reported on in the next reporting period.

GRI 102-16
Regulations and processes
GRI 102-35a
GRI 102-38
Incentive systems

Gira is committed to comply with collective agreements (IG Metall). Performance-based remuneration is gauged by targets that must be in line with our management system "We are responsible for the future" (see Our culture).

GRI 102-44
Participation of stakeholder groups
DNK 10
Innovation and project management

No reporting - only relevant for the finance sector

DNK 11/1
GRI 301-1
Using natural resources

3,946 tonnes material weight of sold products

Material weight of sold products in tonnes (t)

DNK 11/2
GRI 302-1
Using natural resources - energy consumption

Energy consumption: 21,469,550 kWh

Energy consumption in kWh

DNK 12/1
GRI 302-4
Resource management - lowering energy consumption
DNK 12/2
GRI 303-1
Total water consumption according to source

Mains water consumption in cubic metres


DNK 12/3
GRI 306-2
Total weight of waste according to type and disposal method

Total weight of the waste: 914 t

Type and disposal method of the waste

DNK 13/1
GRI 305-1
Direct GHG emissions (Scope 1)

Direct GHG emissions in tonnes of CO₂

DNK 13/2
GRI 305-2
Indirectly energy-related GHG emissions (Scope 2)

Indirect energy-related GHG emissions in tonnes of CO₂

DNK 13/3
GRI 305-3
Other indirect GHG emissions (Scope 3)

Other indirect GHG emissions in tonnes of CO₂

DNK 13/4
GRI 305-5
Reduction of GHG emissions

Reduction measures for GHG emissions in tonnes of CO₂

DNK 14
GRI 403-3
Employee rights

430 days absence due to work accidents
0 deaths
5.2% absence rate

Absence days caused by work accidents

Absence rate

DNK 15
GRI 403-4
Equal opportunities
DNK 16/1
GRI 404-1

Average annual number of hours for training and continuing education of employees

DNK 16/2
GRI 405-1
Staffing of the controlling bodies

Staffing of controlling bodies and distribution of employees according to the employee category depending on gender, age group, minorities and other diversity indicators

Total of 1,229 employees, of these:
- 738 (male), 491 (female)
- 115 temporary work contracts (85 m, 30 f)
- 159 part-time work contracts (6 m, 143 f)

DNK 16/3
GRI 406-1
Discrimination occurrences

Total number of discrimination cases and initiated countermeasures

DNK 17/1
GRI 412-3
Human rights

Significant investment agreements

No reporting - data are not collected.

DNK 17/2
GRI 412-1
Business locations

Total number and percentage of the business locations that have been assessed with regard to human rights or effects on human rights.

Gira is headquartered in Radevormwald (Germany). The company complies with the Gira Code of Conduct

DNK 17/3
GRI 414-1

Percentage of new suppliers assessed on the basis of human rights criteria

All suppliers must sign and comply with the Gira Code of Conduct for Suppliers. In the event of violations, a solution is sought together with the supplier to ensure future compliance.

DNK 17/4
GRI 414-2
Human rights effects

Considerable actual and potential negative human rights effects in the supply chain and initiated measures

DNK 18
GRI 201-1
Directly generated and distributed economic value

No reporting - this information is relevant with regard to competition and is not made public.

DNK 19
GRI 415-1
Political influence

Total value of political donations, shown according to country and recipient (beneficiary)

DNK 18
GRI 201-1
Legally compliant conduct in line with regulations

Total and percentage of the business locations that have been assessed with regard to corruption risks and the determined serious risks

1 of 1 (100%)

DNK 20/2
GRI 205-3
Cases of corruption

Confirmed corruption cases and initiated measure

DNK 20/3
GRI 419-1
Fines and penalties

Monetary value of significant fines and total non-monetary punishments for non-compliance with laws and regulations



Gira and sustainability
Report 2020