Gira and sustainability
Report 2020

Expanding sustainable orientation Advertising materials such as pens, t-shirts, and fabric bags are marketing classics. They are important advertising media for every company. They are often small items for short-term use, such as writing pads. This is precisely why Gira places importance on meeting the requirements of sustainable conduct in this area, too, and continues to increase its focus on sustainable advertising materials. The Gira advertising shop is mainly available to field service staff but also internal departments with a corresponding budget. Electricians and wholesalers have also been able to use the shop for several years. As a result, the number of products sold via these platforms has increased even further.





Sustainable advertising material concept: 4 of 4 paper articles are FSC certified

Tote bags are made from 100% organic cotton

Fair and environmentally-friendly conditions in the manufacturing chain

Reduction of packaging material

Defining sustainable criteria As part of an ongoing process, the range on sale at the Gira advertising shop will be made increasingly more sustainable. "To this purpose we initially defined suitable criteria. We take both the materials from which the products are made as well as the manufacturing process into consideration. Leading environmental seals for products and internationally recognised certification systems for suppliers are a valuable source of orientation," explains Tanja Oschlies-Vole, member of the Customer Loyalty Concept Team in charge of the advertising shop. Currently the company is examining the items available in the shop and assessing them on the basis of the established criteria. "We take a close look at the range and determine whether the products are ecologically sustainable and whether they constitute a real benefit to the customer," adds Tanja Oschlies-Vole. Gira would no longer include a hand fan that used to be an advertising item in the range. "It was just a gimmick, but was otherwise completely useless. Such things are definitely not what we want in the range now."


Jörg Hessler [Head of
Customer Loyalty Concepts]

Tanja Oschlies-Vole
[Member of the Customer Loyalty Concept Team]

Examining products before re-ordering A version with sustainable paper that complies with the FSC certificate provisions has been selected. The new pad also has fewer pages, thus taking user behaviour into account. After all, such notepads are often used at the Gira seminars. However, participants never need anywhere near the number of sheets that the notepad used to contain. In the same vein, the Gira pens are now also made using organic plastic.

"Creating a responsible advertising shop is an incredibly exciting task and a real challenge".

Tanja Oschlies-Vole
Member of the Customer Loyalty Concept Team

High textile demands Gira also pays special attention to the treatment of textiles. The aim is to use environmentally-friendly materials in the production of items while upholding fair social conditions within the value chain. The new Gira T-shirts and tote bags are made of 100% fair-trade, organic cotton. Concerning the packaging, it is also important that no film is used. "Creating a responsible advertising shop is an incredibly
exciting task and a real challenge," says Tanja Oschlies-Vole. "Of course, it is also important to ensure that items do not become much more expensive. But this is feasible. With the new commitment to sustainability, you assume more responsibility for yourself and suppliers."




Gira and sustainability
Report 2020